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Balázs Tóth

Considered the best headshot photographer in the world, Peter Hurley chose Balázs as his associate photographer in 2015, meaning he personally recommends him. So you don’t have to fly to New York to Hurley’s studio and spend $2,000 to have world-class photos, because you can get the almost same from Balázs for a fraction of the price.

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I am always impressed by the professionalism. Balázs is a true professional. Previously, I rarely, almost never, had a photo taken of me that showed my face as I thought I was. I strongly recommend him to all those who also want to show themselves to others.

Ildiko Budea

hotel market consultant

Nov 2020

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Balázsék is a very professional team, as soon as I saw the first couple of pictures, I already knew that I had made the right choice! The whole photo shoot went very smoothly, they were prepared for everything and I didn't feel uncomfortable for a minute. Thanks for the great pictures!

Tibor Spisjak

CEO - HP Enterprise

Oct. 2020

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Konrád Szilvia 087_web.jpg

Balázs is not only a very professional photographer, but the photo shoot was also a fantastic experience! The next time I need business photos, I will only go to Him! Thank you for the experience and the impressive end result! Everything was perfect! I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Silvia Konrad

company development consultant

Aug 2020

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Absolutely professional attitude, but at the same time a light, relaxed environment. They really make the best of the situation. Professionalism radiates from the finished pictures.

Daniel Molnár

Director - Deloitte

June 2020


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Session Fee (90 mins)

EUR 300

Retouching fee

EUR 35/image

Makeup for women

EUR 40



Sesion Fee (150 mins)

EUR 500

Retouching fee

 EUR 35/image

Makeup for women

EUR 50

The session fee includes:

  • indicated shooting time (we usually finish sooner)

  • selection of the images taken

  • suggestion from Balazs for the best photos for your goal

  • access to online selection gallery (raw images cannot be downloaded)

  • styling advice: selecting the best sets from the pieces brought

  • possibility of a preliminary 30-minute telephone consultation with Balázs

  • a preliminary text and video advice package on how to prepare for photography

  • preserve raw images for 6 months so you can order later

Retouching fee includes:

  • digital post-production of selected images

  • image transfer in both large and web-optimized form

  • usage rights for personal use

The prices shown are net prices. The prices are VAT free.


Bring your partner or acquaintances to the photo shoot and you will receive a discounted price and a gift shared photo! It will be a very good fun together, you will see!

Send us how many of you would come and we will send you a unique offer!



During headshot photography, all images are taken cut up from the chest. This cutout is perfect for a resume, LinkedIn, or corporate website.

While photographing, we focus on bringing out the best facial expression out of you. It’s 100% our business, we’re the best at it. Together, we will experiment with your most advantageous angles and the gazes that best suit you. In the meantime, we often change the color of the background and like to try on different sets of clothes. For headshots, we use a very special LED lighting technique that puts you in the best light.

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Bedöck Róbert 209 PS_web.jpg


During portrait photography, we like to be a little more creative and bring you even more variations. In addition to headshot photos, we also take half-length and full-length photos: e.g. sitting on a chair, leaning against a wall, elbow on a table, etc. You can use these photos well for media appearances, next to magazine articles, book covers, rollups and more.

By varying the lights, we can create everything from soft images with a natural effect to high-contrast images, according to the goal you want to achieve. At the end of photography, you will be richer with a much wider range of portfolio, amley covering your marketing and personal branding goals to the maximum.

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headshot vs portré


You don't see the package that you're looking for? Ask for a custom package, with the selection of desired retouched images, photoshoot lenght, makeup etc.

Our gear is mobile, we can set it up to any location for a custom price.


photoshoot details


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Our photo sessions are held in our Budapest Studio. For groups more than 15 people it might be easier to ask for a location setup. Please ask for a custom offer for on location work.


The photoshoot time at each package means the net time that you are going to be in front of my camera. There is no limit to how many times you can change clothing or how many looks you will get. Logically the less time there is, the less variations we can fit in the session. I like to change the outfit or the background color at least once, so you get a varety of looks. I also like to play around with facial expressions so that it is consistent with the outlook.

I shoot directly to a computer, so we can instantly review the images together, and discuss which looks are the best for you. My process is that we shoot for a couple of minutes then we cull the images together and then we repeat. This way at the end of the session you will get a good sense of what your images will look like.

The pre-selected raw images are uploaded to our website in a private gallery, from where you can select the ones you want us to retouch. You can show this gallery to other people, but you won't be able to download these raw images.


After you select your images, we retouch it for you in 10 weekdays. The main goal with post production is to stay as natural as possible (as you can see in my portfolio). We use high-end retouching techniques that's why it takes this much time.

The final images are delivered in a digital form, via Wetransfer. We prepare you images in high resolution and in a web optimized size as well.

We do not give out raw images to customers. We find it very important to only give out high quality work. Your selected raw images are kept for a minimum of 1 year, so if you want, you can order more retouched images later.


We offer a 100% satisfaction gurantee on all of our photohsoots. You can find the details here.


You have to bring you own clothes for the photoshoot, the more you bring the better. You can find some useful clothing tips here.


All package prices for women include professional makeup in our studio. We work with the best Hungarian makeup artists, who know exactly what looks good on camera. We usually do a natural looking makeup, and we do slight changes to it during the longer photoshoots.


We ask you to come to the studio with your hair done, and in a way you usually wear it on weekdays.

For women our makeup artist can do minor tweaks to your hair, and I also help adjusting it in front of my camera. Our largest packages for women contain a hairstylist on set.



If you wear facial hair but also want some clean shaved photos, then you have the option (except Career Booster package) to shave in the studio.


All prices on this page are net prices. The service is VAT free for every private person. The bill will be displayed on the day of shooting.

Payment options:

         1. With cash on the day of the shoot

2. Wire transfer to account nr 11773023-00108768-00000000 (Tóth Balázs, OTP Bank). In this case the final images are only sent, when the money is credited to the account.


The copyright of the images is owned by the photographer. You can use the final retouched  images sent to you for personal purposes only. Please contact us for custom prices, if you want to use your images for advertisements or sell them to  a third party.


  • How many times can I change clothes during the photo shoot?
    We have no such restrictions. We calculated the photo shoot times in such a way that there would be plenty of time even for multiple disguises. The more clothing sets you bring with you, the more variations we can make for you!
  • Do I get all the raw images too?
    No, we will only give you the ones selected for retouching from the photos taken at your photo shoot. It is important to us that the photos we receive are only of the best quality, but for this we need to retouch them.
  • When will I receive the finished retouched images?
    After selecting the photos, your photos will be ready within 10 working days. If you need the retouched photos sooner, you can request ASAP retouching for an additional fee.
  • How long do you keep the raw images?
    We store raw images on our servers for at least 6 months. So if you want to order more pictures a few months after the photoshoot, you can do so. We keep the retouched photos indefinitely, so you can request them from us again at any time.
  • Can I pay by bank card?
    Yes, we have a bank card terminal in our studio. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and you can also pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Book for yourself online!

Ask our colleague for help!
If you need photos for yesterday, we have a solution! :)

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