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The headshot is actually onenarrow cut portrait photorepresents a person from the middle of the shoulder up to the top of the head. The term headshot itself in mirror translation means head shot, but I did not think it was a good idea to use it in Hungarian, so I stayed with the English version.

headshot fotó.jpg

headshot photo (narrow portrait)

egész alakos portré fotó.jpg

portrait photo (full-length)

Many people who grew up in the age of shooting computer games associate a headshot with a shot to the head with a rifle. For everyone's reassurance, I would like to inform you that in our studio we only have harmless cameras, with which we shoot blank cartridges (it makes a clicking sound, but no bullet comes out of it)... :)

Let's take a step back and define what a portrait photo means. The word port is now very trite, many photographers e.g. he also calls a full-length picture in a bathing suit taken on the beach a portrait photo.  In my dictionary theportrait meaning: a photograph of a specific person who has been directed. The focus is on the subject, so the person is aware that they are being photographed. As a result, this photo can be recreated at any time, as opposed to e.g. with a moment caught at an event.

In headshots, i.e. narrow portrait photos, the facial expression takes on a much more prominent role than in a full-length or half-length photo. This is precisely what makes it a difficult genre, as the photographer must elicit an honest facial expression from the subject, otherwise his photo will be meaningless.


1. Profile picture

The headshot is one of the most widely used photo types in today's modern media. Its most common use is to set a profile picture on social media sites.

Typically, on these pages, we can only see each other's profile pictures in a very small size. In such cases, it is almost impossible to recognize the person from a full-length photo. As an example, let's take a look at the two images above to see what real size they can be seen in the LinkedIn feed.


Current size of LinkedIn profile picture in news feed.

We can see that the face in the 1st picture is so small that we can only guess who this person is. On the other hand, in the 2nd picture, no matter how small, our subject becomes recognizable!

2. Company website


3. Online and offline media

4. Email signature


Move your mouse over the picture and find out!

For a business portrait photo aits most important task is to be able to make a good first impression through itto potential employers, clients and partners. Research proves that in order to win the sympathy of the viewer of the image, the following must be realized in an image, in descending order of importance:

1. A sincere smile - the sign of this is narrowed eyes, i.e. bradpitting

2. Well-groomed, sophisticated appearance - hairstyle, complexion, appropriate, elegant clothing

3. Image quality - good cropping, sharpness, saturation, no effects

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