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Budapesti fotóstúdiónkban elkészítjük életed legjobb CV fotóját. Akár egy jó önéletrajz fotóra, akár egy új LinkedIn profil képre van szükséged, fordulj hozzánk bizalommal! Nálunk a professzionális fotózás nem nyűg, hanem kikapcsolódás. Mert a CV képeddel akkor leszel elégedett, ha a fotózás közben jól érzed magad. Felejtsd el a stevejobsozós képeket! Itt nincsenek művi beállítások. Nálunk az egész stáb azon dolgozik, hogy te önmagad adhasd. Gyere, próbáld ki!

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LinkedIn profilkép készítés
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The very first thing a recruiter looks at... your photo.  Based on your photo, she will decide within 1 second whether you are sympathetic to her or not! Which photo do you think would give you a better chance of a personal interview?

a rossz és a jó cv fotó

What about LinkedIn?


If you are not on LinkedIn then you do not exist in the eyes of HR professionals. Today, LinkedIn has become the premier hunting ground for recruiting professionals and headhunters. And on LinkedIn, the first thing the will see is your photo, whether you like it or not.

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile picture...


...then based on the statistics, only 1 in 10 HR people will take a look at your profile.
They think that you are not serious about looking for a job because you have not even bothered to look for a decent picture of yourself.

rossz önéletrajz fotó

If you have an amateur profile pic...


... you suggest that you don't care about your appearance and you probably don't take your job seriously.

If you have an amateur profile pic...


... you suggest that you don't care about your appearance and you probably don't take your job seriously.

Tóth Balázs 2019 portré fotós crop

A CV fotózás sikerét személyesen garantálom.

Tóth Balázs vagyok, Magyarország elsőszámú üzleti portréfotósa, a világ 100 legjobbjának egyike.

Addig nem nyugszom, amíg életed legjobb üzleti képét el nem készítjük neked. Közben pedig könnyesre röhögjük magunkat.

How can we help you?

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We take the burden off your shoulders completely during the shoot:

➢ we will help you find the best clothes for you and your desired job

➢ show you the best angles and poses for you

➢ get honest facial expressions out of you

➢ create professional business makeup for ladies


All you have to do is sleep well before the photoshoot and bring as many clothes as you can. 😄


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Balázs's team is absolutely professional and they work very quickly. The shoot was fun all the way and I was given all the help and knowledge that I needed to get the best out of the 'brought material'. 

Gergely Bárdóczy

Horváth Réka - profi CV fotó
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5 stars.png

They really know what the're doing. The work was done in a flowy and very easy mood.

What matters is the result: the pictures are perfect!

I recommend them 100%!

Gergely Bárdóczy

Kerekes Zoltán - Önéletrajz fotó - Tóth
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5 stars.png

I wasn't satisfied with my previous business portraits.

A friend of mine recomended Balázs's team. Finally my online presence is as professional as I am. I recommend them from the bottom of my heart.

Gergely Bárdóczy


Palotás Gábor fotózása.jpg

Career Booster package

- 30 minutes of photoshoot experience (approx. 1 time change of clothes fits in the time) 

- 1 high-end retouched image

Price: HUF 44,900

Professional makeup for women (mandatory part of service): HUF 7,900

Additional retouched images cost: HUF 5,900 per image (raw images will not be given out)

These prices are net prices. The service is VAT free.

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To prove that this is not just idle talk, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every photoshoot! That is, if you are not satisfied with any of the pictures we take, we will give you your money back.

"But this is very expensive!" You could say...

Like many people have said before, until they came to us for a photo shoot. When they stepped out of the studio door, they just said "All this only cost just that?!"

Thinking about it, is it really that expensive? If your appearance is important to you and you spend a good chunk of money on a good shirt or a blouse, then why do you want to save on your online appearance?

If this photo helps you get into a higher position, then you will laughingly look back at the cost of your photoshoot after receiving your new salary the first month.




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