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I'm an associate photographer of Peter Hurley, the world's most famous headshot photographer. My specialty is taking business portraits of everyday people, with a focus on their facial expression.


I have a goal: I want to show everyone that there is no such thing as an unphotogenic person. I want to take pictures that show business professionals in their most relaxed and favourable way.


My studio is based in Budapest, but I am happy to come to your offices worldwide with my staff to treat you with our ultimate portrait photo experience.


Premium: More than the average.

Premium photograpy: A photo session, which is a pleasant experience instead of a nuisance.

Our photos will portrait You, as a confident yet congenial individual. We won't change you, only show you what you look like at your best.

Together we create your new portrait photos to help you succeed. All in a relaxed and fun environment, with lots of laughter.


See how this is done in our video!


...if no flattering photo has been taken of you so far.

For 90% of our clients, goint to a photo session used to be a stressful task. For only few can show an honest smile to the camera on their own. Mostly they don't know how to find the right poses.

We think it's the photographer's job to find the setting that's right for You. This is what we're the best at. In a short amount of time, we can lighten the mood and get you feeling confident in front of our cameras. We continuously give you instructions and bring out your captivating smile with little tricks.

Easy peasy, right? :)

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Our unique portrait photos will help you achieve your goals.


Stand out from the crowd with your CV and LinkedIn Pictures.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating the power of the first impression!

With an outstanding headshot photo on your LinkedIn profile, you show that you are willing to invest in yourself.

Take control of how headhunters and recruitment leaders see you, and this will bring great results for you!

See what packages we have for you!

Build the trust of your potential clients with your professional look.

Today it is not enough to be good, you have to look the part.

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman, job seeker, artist, etc. or someone who knows the importance of personal branding, the you are aware that these are the headshots that will differentiate and enhance your success!

Our goal is to present you as you look on your best day.

Are you ready to take your personal brand to the next step?

Show off your team with consistent and authentic photos.

Important deals are not made between companies, but between people.

To build trust, it is crucial to show the , faces behind the logo of a company.

Whether it's taking management photos for the annual report, taking new LinkedIn profile photos for the sales team, or even putting together images for a recruitment campaign, you can count on us!


Over the years, we had the pleasure of working with these great companies too:

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More than 3200 satisfied clients,
since 2015!


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Based on 140 reviews on Google

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Richi végig pontos instrukciókat adott a fotózás során és gyakorlottan oldotta a feszültséget. Reméltem, hogy legalább egy, számomra elfogadható kép fog készülni, de mire végeztünk alig tudtam választani!

Mikolai Zsófia

2021. nov.

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Csodálom, hogy olyan sok fotóalany után is töretlen Balázs lelkesedése,
pedig azt gondolom emberekkel dolgozni mindig kihívás. Az első
pillanattól kezdve az utolsóig profi a szervezés, a smink, a fotózás, a
végeredmény pedig lélegzetelállító!

Hervai Rita

2021. szept.

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céges üzleti heashot 135_web.jpg

Az egész fotózás nagyon jó hangulatban telt el. Nem is tudom megmondani, hogy pontosan mennyi időt voltam ott. A végeredmény nagyon profi lett.

Andrejcsik Gábor

2021. júl.

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Mindenkinek ajánlom a csapatot, mert tényleg profik. Az időpont egyeztetéstől a sminken, a fotózáson át, a kidolgozott fotók elküldéséig minden nagyon jól szervezett. Halasi Richárd fotózott engem, nagyon elégedett vagyok az eredménnyel. :)

Horváth Katalin

2021. júl.

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