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1. This is not an average photoshoot

The Balázs Tóth Photo Studio team provides you with a unique photography experience. You with a lot of good advice regarding your appearance before and during the photo shoot. We produce internationally recognized, world-class images. And we laugh a lot and like have a good time!

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portréfotózás budapest tóth balázs.

2. We will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with your headshots.

You are guaranteed to get portrait photos in which you will like yourself. We help you find your best side and get honest facial expressions out of you. We will show you that you too can be photogenic!

4100 satisfied customers in 8 years


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Based on 154 reviews on Google

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I had a pleasant hour and a half, entering this studio for the first time. The make-up was professional, the photo session went smoothly. Balázs quickly managed to dissolve myinitial discomfort. Based on the feedback I got on my new photos, they show the real me! :)

Eva Gángó

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Földi Miklós058PS2_web.jpg

A lot of photos have been taken of me. Never like this before. I finally saw my face as I always wanted others to see me. Balázs's photos give you confidence that you can be this good. Thank you, thank you.

Dániel Miklós Földi

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I don't have a well-practiced smile, I can't pose, yet Balázs found my real face very quickly and knew when to capture the moment. My initial confusion was over in a few minutes. I am very happy with the pictures, they gave me back my self-confidence!

Judit Vidó

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I hate being photographed! Accordingly, I arrived at the photo shoot quite nervous. It took about 5 minutes for me to relax with Balázs's style and start enjoying the whole thing. 

Zoltán Karaba

3. We do not compete on price

We use the most modern equipment and work with the best domestic professionals, which represent a serious investment on our part in achieving top quality.

We believe that our photos are a great investment in your own success. With the portrait photos we take, you are more likely to reach your desired goals, be it financial goals (e.g. getting a new well-paying job or ideal clients) or even personal goals (e.g. finding a partner).

If the result doesn't really matter to you, you just want a cheap portrait shoot, then you're not looking for us. If, on the other hand, you want a good experience, and you are willing to put money into your future, then we will be happy to help you create your new photos!

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