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The photo shoots are ain our studio in Budapestare taking place. Our address: 1085 Budapest, József körút 65 (hood 31, 3rd floor)

You have the option to request on-site pick-up, in which case we charge a pick-up fee.


Due to the bike lane on József körút, it is unfortunately difficult to find a place around the house. We recommend that if you arrive by car, aCorvin PlazaPark your car in the parking lot of  , our studio is a short walk from there.

If you have a lot of stuff, stop in front of the house, ring the bell, and one of our colleagues will run down to the gate to get your stuff.


If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at this short video to see what sharp photoshoots look like in our studio!

At the beginning of the photo shoot, we select theof clothes you brought, which ones we will use and roughly in what order. You can find a more detailed description of the recommended items of clothing below.


After that, thefor womenwe prepare themakeupet, which is roughly 45 minutes. We create natural makeup for our business portraits.  During Balázs's photo shoots, it is possible to build on the makeup (stronger eyes or lipstick) as the photo shoot progresses.


We usually start with the more formal pieces and then move on to more relaxed, casual looks.There is no limit on how many times you can change clothes.


The special feature of photography is that the pictures are taken on a computer, so we can constantly look back at them together. Looking back at the pictures, we discuss the settings that work well for you, and we continue the photography according to them. Meanwhile, continuouslywe sort through the pictures being taken, so we keep only the best ones.


After the photo shoot, thisWe will upload a selection galleryto our website in a non-public gallery. We mark which of these we think are the most outstanding. You can then choose from the uploaded images which ones we will retouch for you.


THEwe do not hand over raw imagesin any form. We keep the selected pictures for 6 months after the photo shoot, so you can still order from them later.


The retouched images will be sent in digital form, via a file sharing system, within 8 working days after selection. If you need the pictures sooner, you have the optionSOS retouch option within 24 hoursto purchase.

We will prepare the retouched images for you in high resolution, optimized for LinkedIn/Facebook and CV.



The most important rule is to try to rest properly the day before the photo shoot. Yes, I know, this is the most difficult task. :)



Choose clothes for the photo shoot thatin which you feel good. I ask you to bring it with youas much as possible, then we will choose together which ones to take photos in. Feel free to put together an entire suitcase-sized outfit! :)

The point is that as much as possiblesimpler patternthe clothes should not have large inscriptions or ironed pictures on them. I recommend that you bring as many colors as possible, it can be darker or lighter, for portraits, completely monochromatic is my favorite. You only need to bring tops for the headshots. Dresses with interesting necklines are the best. The deep cut,dresses with high necklines do not look goodon headshots.

It's worth paying attention toappropriate sizebe the dress. Tight-fitting, slim-fit dresses look best in pictures. Make sure that when the neck of the shirt or blouse is fully buttoned, there is no more than 1 finger's space at your neck. It is best to ask the opinion of an experienced shop assistant about the right size - e.g. Van Graaf in the Allee or Peek&Cloppenburg in the Arena.


Recommended clothes

For women:prettier blouses, blazers, plain tops, dresses with interesting necks, tight sweaters

For men:elegant plain shirts, thin jacket, tie, v-neck dark t-shirt, tennis t-shirt, thin jacket, maybe tracksuit

You should check out theour portfolio, to get an idea of what clothes other people brought, which worked well.


Tip: If you don't have enough clothes, because e.g. you are transiting and you didn't bring enough clothes with you to Budapest, several clothing stores offer the option of returning the clothes you bought there within 30 days. Buy some nice new clothes, don't cut off the tag, and you can even take them back after the photo shoot.


It's okay if the clothes accidentally get wrinkled while traveling,there is an iron and also a steam room in our studio.


Headshot photos typically feature asmall sizeearrings and necklaces look best. Feel free to bring more, and we will figure out the best combination for each set.





For women aappropriate makeup is essentialfor headshots and portraits. I work with several proven make-up artists who know well what kind of make-up looks good under studio lights. It is best if you arrive without makeup. If you don't feel comfortable without makeup on the street, that's no problem, we'll help you wash it off in the studio. 

THEhairstylequestion is a sensitive topic for women, we think that everyone should come with a hairstyle like the onealso worn during weekdays. It is best if you schedule it so that you go to your hairdresser shortly before the photo shoot. comewith freshly washed hair, and bring your favorite hair straightener or hairspray. If you want a quick dry-off before the photo shoot, we heartily recommend the one near the studioHeadonist hair salon!


For menno makeup needed, minor skin defects can be corrected quickly during post-work.

If you use gel or anything else you like to put in your hair, bring them to the photo shoot. If possible, make an appointment with your hairdresser 1-2 days before the photo shoot. What is closeHedonist salonwe recommend, they also cut Balázs's hair!

If you used tobeardto wear, then we recommend that you come to the photo shoot with a few days' worth of beard, then you can even shave in the middle of the photo shoot, and then we can take a few clean-faced pictures. For this, bring your razor and everything else that you used to shave.


you have the opportunityin cash,bank cardrespectivelyremittancealso for payment. In the case of cash or bank card payment, you can settle the amount on the day of the photo shoot. You can transfer the money to account number 11773023-00108768 (Balázs Tóth, OTP). In the case of payment by bank transfer, the pictures will not be handed over in any form before the amount is received. The invoice will be issued on the day of the photo shoot.

Similarly, you can settle the price of the retouched pictures locally with cash and bank card, or later by bank transfer.


We recommend the following two short videos to your attention. These little tips and tricks will help you look even better in the pictures you are taking! Don't worry, you don't need to learn any of these in advance, just watch them as a tune-up! :)

The "mockery"



If something is still not clear to you regarding the photography, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer!


+36 30 501 1336

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