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Gabor Király

Managing Partner - Dentons


It's no use having a nice, modern office and expensive suits. Because before you see them liveyour potential customer will first look for you on online platforms. And it can be seen therehe will judge you first by your photoyou.

Do your current portrait photos represent the color you want to achieve with your practice?


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According to research conducted at Princeton UniversityWe judge someone based on their photo based on 0.2 seconds. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Let that impression build trust!


A premium portrait photo suggests that you are outstanding at what you do. It shows that quality is important to you and that you can afford it, which together tell you that you are successful.


Who would you rather work with? A successful or a struggling lawyer? The answer is obvious.


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Together we create your new portrait photos to help you succeed. All in a relaxed and fun environment, with lots of laughter.


See how this is done in our video!

Tóth Balázs Magyarország legjobb üzeti portréfotósa

Balázs Tóth

associate - Headshot Crew


Balázs founded our studio in 2015, leaving his previous job as a financial manager to fully pursue his passion for portrait photography.


Balázs has been the co-photographer of the world's best headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, since 2015. This means that they are considered in the top 120 in an international professional community of 20,000 people.

Balázs's photos are regularly featured on the front pages and articles of domestic business magazines such as Forbes, IT Business, Behaviour, etc.

Balázs and his team created attractive business images for the managers of more than 350 domestic companies. Among others, we were lucky to work with these great companies:

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1. We won't leave you alone.

Even before the photo shoot, we provide you with plenty of advice so that you can prepare in the best possible way. And during the photo shoot, we help with everything from choosing the right dress to finding the best pose to choosing the most attractive final photos.


2. Our photos are lifelike.

An honest facial expression has become a trademark of our portrait photos. This is what will endear you to your customers.

3. We work with top-of-the-line equipment.

We work with devices of a significantly higher category than our competitors in order to achieve premium quality.

4. We use the most modern techniques.

We use settings and retouching techniques that will make your photos stand out on most modern photo interfaces, whether it's a magazine cover or even an online ad.

5. Taking photos with us is a really good experience.

You hate being photographed, we know. In contrast to your previous bad experiences, we strive to create a relaxed atmosphere during the photo shoot, and in addition to professional work, we also like to laugh a lot.

Do not you believe? In this video, see how the photo shoots take place live at us!


Over the years, we had the pleasure of working with these great companies too:

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"I knew that the photos of our colleagues were important, but I was also surprised by the impact it had on the business.

After we updated our website with Balázsék's photos, we received 2 new inquiries within 1 week, who contacted us specifically with reference to our attractive photos. And since then, I've been constantly receiving messages on LinkedIn and other platforms about how good our pictures are."

Olivér Koppány - partner, KNP Law

This is how we created the unified image of our Zwack Board of Directors:

More than 3200 satisfied clients,
since 2015!


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Based on 140 reviews on Google

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five stars.png

Richi gave precise instructions throughout the photo shoot and professionally resolved the tension. I was hoping that at least one picture would be acceptable to me, but by the time we were done I could hardly choose!

Zsófia Mikolai

Hervai Rita 078_web.jpg
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I am amazed that even after so many photo subjects, Balázs's enthusiasm is unbroken,
but I think working with people is always a challenge. The first
from moment to last, the organization, make-up, photography, a
and the end result is breathtaking!

Rita Hervai

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céges üzleti heashot 135_web.jpg

The whole photo shoot was in a very good mood. I can't even tell you exactly how long I was there. The end result was very professional.

Gabor Andrejcsik

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üzleti headshot nőknek.jpg
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I recommend the team to everyone, because they are really professionals. Everything is very well organized, from the appointment to the make-up, the photo shoot, and the sending of the developed photos. Richárd Halasi photographed me, I am very satisfied with the result. :)

Katalin Horváth

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If you want to get away with portrait photography as cheaply as possible, then you are not looking for us. If on the other handyou value premium quality and are willing to invest in the future of your business, then we will be happy to help.

If you want to have photos taken for 1 person, you can also book an appointment online at our studio. To view individual prices and dates, click the button below:


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Ifseveral of you would come and ask for advice, what type of photography should you choose, is it worth calling us to the location, how would it be most efficient to make the schedule, etc., thenwe are happy to share our ideas.

The first thing you should know about us is thatwe do not wish to compete with other photographers on price. If the goal is to get away with the photo shoot as cheaply as possible, then you didn't come to us. However, if your appearance is important to you and you want to give your colleagues a good experience, then we are the best choice!

Contact us by filling out the form below and wewe help you figure out the solution that best supports your marketing goalsfor your law firm!

Fill out the form and we will contact you!

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