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Balazs Tothis the primary headshot photographer in Hungary. He is an associate photographer of Peter Hurley, one of the best portrait photographers in the World.

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'My goal is to turn corporate photoshoots from a necessary bad thing to a joyful experience.

Together we will create your best photo of your life in 15 minutes or less, guaranteed.'

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Portrait and headshot photo sessions take place either in ourstudio in Budapest or at the company headquarters if requested.

At the beginning of the photo shoot, we choose from the clothes you brought, which ones we will use and in what order. For more details on the recommended clothing, see below.

After that, we make the makeup for women, which takes about 30 minutes. We make a natural looking make-up for our business-oriented portraits.

The special feature of our sessions is thatwe shoot directly to a computer, so we can review the images on a big screen. Looking at the pictures we'll discuss what settings are working for you and we continue shooting them. Along the shoot we sort out the photos that we take, so we only keep the best ones.Your final picturefor corporate usewill be selected during the session. If you wish you can order additional photos for personal use.

We don't give out raw or unretouched images in any form.

Retouched images are sent in digital format via a file sharing system within 10 business days of selection.
Final images are also delivered in high resolution, and lower resolution for LinkedIn / facebook and CV.




Have a good night sleep the day before. Yes, we know this is the most difficult task. :)


We likeplain color clothesor simple patterns. Make sure they are in thecorrect size, especially around the neck.

For headshots you only need to bring top clothing.

Recommended clothes

For women: blouses, blazers, tops, dresses with interesting necks, (deep cut tops and dresses are not good for headshots)

For men: stylish single-color shirts, slim jacket, tie (if company policy requires)


You should check outour portfolio on this link to get a picture of what clothes were brought by others that worked well.


Tip: In some clothing stores (eg. Zara, H & M), you have the option of returning the clothes you buy within 30 days. Buy some pretty new clothes, don't cut the tag, and you can take them back after the photoshoot.



Theright makeup for women is essentialfor headshot and portrait photography.We work withthe number of provenmake-up artistswho knows well what makeup looks good at studio lights. The best thing to do is to come to the shoot without makeup. If you don't feel comfortable on the street without makeup, there is no problem, we can help you wash it in the studio.


The question of hairstyle is a delicate issue for women. It is best if you come to the shoot with a hairstyle that you wear during everyday life. We recommend you schedule to go to your hairdresser right before the photoshoot. Come with freshly washed hair and bring your favorite hair product that you use.



for menno make-up is needed, small skin faults can be quickly repaired during post-production.


If the photoshoot takes place in our studio you will find information about it testicle.

(Address: 1085 Budapest, József körút 65. (31 doorbell, 3rd floor)

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