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Surprise your loved ones with an unusual photography experience!


Watch this video to see what such a premium portrait shoot looks like in our studio!

Portrait photography is the best gift because:


Who doesn't enjoy having an entire team working to make them look their best? In addition, the finished picture will be there as a memory of him.


In addition to silly and fun pictures, we also make pictures for business purposes, with which you can boost your loved one's CV/LinkedIn or website.


If you have a company, you can calculate the photography fee under marketing expenses or a similar heading, so there are no additional tax implications.

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The success of your gift is guaranteed by our well-trained team.

Gift your partner or business partner with our photography voucher, and wewe will make sure that you have an unforgettable experience!


We will not rest until it is for your recipientwe don't make the best picture of your life. Meanwhile, we laugh a lot!

With this gift, you will definitely not touch it!


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Based on 140 reviews aon Google

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"Richi gave precise instructions throughout the photo shoot and professionally resolved the tension. I was hoping that at least one picture would be acceptable to me, but by the time we were finished I could hardly choose!"

Zsófia Mikolai

Nov 2021

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"I am amazed that even after so many photo subjects, Balázs's enthusiasm is unbroken,
but I think working with people is always a challenge. The first
from moment to last, the organization, make-up, photography, a
and the end result is breathtaking!"

Rita Hervai

Sep 2021

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céges üzleti heashot 135_web.jpg

"The whole photoshoot was in a very good mood. I can't even tell you exactly how long I was there. The end result was very professional."

Gabor Andrejcsik

July 2021

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"I recommend the team to everyone, because they are really professionals. Everything is very well organized, from the appointment to the make-up, the photo shoot, and the sending of the developed photos. Richárd Halasi photographed me, I am very satisfied with the result. :)"

Katalin Horváth

July 2021

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During headshot photography, all pictures are taken from the chest up. This cutout is perfect for a resume, LinkedIn, or company website.

During the photo shoot, we focus on bringing out your best facial expression. This is 100% our business, we are the best at it. Together, we will experiment with your most advantageous angles and the looks that suit you best. Meanwhile, we often change the color of the background and like to try different clothing sets. For headshots, we use a very special LED lamp lighting technique that shows you in the best light.

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During portrait photography, we like to be a little more creative and bring even more variations to you. In addition to headshot photos, we also take half- and full-length photos: e.g. sitting on a chair, leaning against a wall, elbows on a table, etc. You can use these photos well for media appearances, alongside magazine articles, on book covers, rollups and more.

By varying the lights, we can create all kinds of images, from soft images with a natural effect to very contrasting cool images, according to the goal you want to achieve. At the end of the photo shoot, you will be richer with a much broader portfolio, amley covers your marketing and personal brand goals to the maximum.

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A fotózási díj tartalmazza:

  • feltüntetett tiszta fotózási időt a stúdiónkban (általában rövidebb idő alatt végzünk)

  • a készült képek helyben történő közös kiválogatását

  • javaslatot a fotóstól a célodhoz legjobb fotókra

  • online galéria hozzáférést (letölteni viszont nem tudod majd a képeket)

  • styling tanácsadást: a hozott darabokból a legjobb szettek összeállítása

  • előzetes telefonos konzultáció lehetőségét

  • előzetes szöveges és videós jótanács csomag arról, hogy mivel készülj a fotózásra

  • nyers képek megőrzését 6 hónapig, így később is tudsz rendelni

  • nem tartalmazza a nyers képek átadását minőség biztosítási okokból

A retusálási díj tartalmazza:

  • a kiválasztott képek digitális utómunkáját

  • kép átadását nagyméretű és webre optimalizált formában is

  • saját célra történő felhasználási jogdíjat

A feltüntetett árak nettó árak. A szolgáltatás alanyi ÁFA mentes.



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Order process:

1. Choose which package you want to give as a gift from the list above.

2. Fill in the specified fields on the order form below.

3. We will send you a fee request, which you can pay by bank card, transfer or cash.

4. After settling the amount, we will send the voucher and the invoice.

5. The recipient will be able to book the photo shoot within six months of the purchase.

Balázs megrendelés
Halasi Richárd portréfotós.jpg


The senior photographer of our team, Balázs' number one student.


Headshot Photography fee (90 minutes)

HUF 49,000

Portrait Photography fee (150 minutes)

HUF 79,000

Retusálási díj / kép

12.000 Ft

Tóth Balázs portréfotós.jpg


The founder of our studio, one of the world's 100 best headshot photographers.


Headshot Photography fee (90 minutes)

HUF 79,000

Portrait Photography fee (150 minutes)

HUF 119,000

Retusálási díj / kép

12.000 Ft

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